Milkfish Liver (Bangus Liver)

Very pink

Very pink

I have been eating codfish liver out of the tin for a while now, though my mom dislikes the fishy taste. I have been eating them in tiny fish like tinapa (dried herring) and tuyo (dried herring or any dried small fish). I have been watching a lot of Andrew Zimmern and how the fish liver is one of the tastiest part of the fish. And on a whim, I decided to try it in our local fish.

Usually, out of the supermarket, we get the fish cleaned of the innards, or we have it cleaned in the supermarket if we buy it whole. The milkfish is about a foot long and will yield not so huge liver, I imagined. And this is where working in a supermarket has its benefits. I asked the fish consignor if they can set aside some milkfish liver for me for those who are buying since my mom only just bought the day before. He said that they will be deboning some of the milkfish and would gladly reserve me some.

Getting ooked

Getting cooked

I got maybe 5 to 6 milkfish livers and set it aside in my grocery bag. And to my surprise, when I got home, my mom apparently did the same to the fish she bought the day before! So I had double the amount of milkfish livers available, but these have been frozen. In a frying pan, I heated some olive oil and put the salted and peppered livers, including the frozen block and cooked it quickly. The fresh ones were done in a few minutes, flipping it when it looked rare still. I don’t want to over cook them. The frozen ones took longer and I left them in the pan while I was eating.

What heaven tastes like

What heaven tastes like

I tasted it on its own and it was wonderful. I may never pay for the canned codfish liver any more when I can get this liver for free. Some were still pinking in the middle but all were tender soft. It was so beautiful that I could cry. Mom said they used to eat this when they were younger but stopped doing so. I am so happy to discover something so good and so simple. I have Andrew Zimmern to thank for this not so bizarre food I discovered because of him 🙂 Do you eat fish innards? 🙂

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