Have you ever heard of a pluom? I am very much familiar with most local fruits in the US, though there are some new things that I would see that I am curious about. A few of these are the pepino melon and kiwano, both of which I have yet to try. You do have to remember what they call exotic fruits here, were my local fruits in Manila 🙂 But this pluot was unfamiliar as well. It looked like an apple from the outside, but felt like nectarine or plum.

IMG_20171001_220456From a bit of googling, there is apparently a lot of new fruits that came from the interbreeding of so many fruist (natural maybe? possiblly not). But the pluot is apparently a mix of a plum and apricot, but is sweeter than a plum. So yay! The fruit really tasted fresh and yummy (well, all the plums and nectarines I have had here so far are really good! Doesn’t even compare to those available in Manila). And this one is included too.

IMG_20171001_220527Though these are the non-basic stuff that we end up grabbing in Jewel, I love how they would have these variety so I can try even one piece at a time. 🙂


One thought on “Pluots?

  1. I’ve seen photos of combination fruits, but I have yet to try any. It feels like there’s so much to explore now, and I hope more of those show up in Manila! Though I fear that the prices will be astronomical.

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