Quick Eats: Cucina Paradiso, Oak Park

A lot of restaurants litter nearby downtown of our area, and its surrounding areas. And there are those that off the main streets that we never really see. I have had a couple of really bad food that I am not feeling quite adventurous eating out nowadays. I also feel picky with my food.  But Linda invited me out to dinner one time. She has been talking about this restaurant for a while and so she was really excited to have me try it.

IMG_20170929_202920This was an Italian restaurant, and the place, though the parking lot is full, looked unassuming from the outside. But once inside, it was full and noisy and a happy place to have dinner with an SO or with friends. They offer regular promotions such as half off on wine, half off on take-home, etc. So you may want to check their schedules for that.

We ordered an appetizer of bacon wrapped dates, a main of pasta with artichokes and oven baked tomatoes, as well as a cake for dessert. We chatted for most of the wait, though I think it did take some time.

IMG_20170929_203824The dates were few, but very scrumptious. The order had about 5 pieces, with each piece going for about a bite and a half. They sweet and salty and yummy. The main soon followed and it was a huge plate. I was expecting the pasta to be less watery, but it seemed to be like a wet pasta dish. Still, even with the bit of sloppiness in the dish, the pasta was great. It was slightly sour from the tomatoes and artichokes, and a zing from maybe some chili flakes. Also, they didn’t scrimp on the veggies in the dish, which I love.

The dessert too was good, but not that memorable for me. It was a good sweet way to end dessert, but still, the appetizer and main stood out for me.

Cucina Paradiso
814 North Blvd, Oak Park, IL 60301


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