Shrimp and Grits

It is always different, how I feel towards food. I remember having grits for my birthday dinner at Pappadeaux and I loved it. I remember making it and getting excited for it. But now as I think about it, I get thrown off by the idea of it. I do hope that talking about it will make my mouth water and me hungry for it again.

IMG_20170928_110312I read several recipes but I ended up following Bobby Flay’s recipe. I am not a big fan of him. I find his approach over-all a bit conceited for my taste. But his flavors have a mix of cheesiness, and tartness, hence I went with his recipe.  Since I was afraid to mess this dish up (Matt likes it and I don’t want to present a subpar dish), I followed most of his instructions and ratio. I did use some milk for my grits which his doesn’t call for. But with the cheese in the grits, I know replacing some of the water with milk will make it even better.

IMG_20170928_110319And ta-dah! This turned out really good. It was creamy, a little bit tart and smackin flavor from the shrimp, and altogether great to do again. It was also easy to make. I did cook this early in the morning for a dinner, so I just ended up adding a little bit more liquid to the grits when heating it up before serving it. It turned out wonderfully. 🙂




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