Amaretti Cookies

IMG_20170926_174202Happy birthday to my ate! 🙂

Ever since I started watching Mario Batali and Giada on TV (actually it was another older gentleman who reminded me of Santa), I have always been curious as to what Amaretti cookies are like. I don’t find them available in Manila stores, so I decided that I was going to hunt down for it the next time we eat at Freddy’s. And I did. And I found them.

IMG_20170926_174211Though we just ate, I quickly opened the bag of cookies to try them out. I was surprised by their flavor. They were, plainer, for a lack of a better word, than I thought they would be. They reminded me of lady’s fingers with almond flavor. And smaller. They tasted good too. But now that I know how they taste like, my curiosity has abated and I don’t think I need to grab one anytime in the near future. Unless maybe I need them for a recipe. 🙂


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