Chili Mac

IMG_20170924_185307One of the few things that make me realize Matt and I are cultures apart. Or maybe I just wasn’t exposed to these things growing up. We had chili in the fridge since I made a big batch last time. And I was asking Matt for ideas for dinner. And he sad Chili mac. I have never heard of it and asked him how it is made. So he said some macaroni and with chili.

From my point of view, I understood that as make macaroni and cheese (who would want just macaroni?!) then top it with chili. Reminiscent of reuben mac and cheese we had before. So that is what I did.

I quickly made some mac and cheese, and heated up chili for Matt. As I started to explain that I wasn’t in the mood to have chili with  my mac and cheese, Matt said that it was only supposed to be macaroni with the chili. Like pasta, I guess?

I looked at what ended up as Matt’s chili mac and my mac and cheese. I am sure my chili mac and cheese tasted better than plain old chili mac, but I still have to keep getting used to that idea.


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