Quick Eats: Furious Spoon and Insomnia Cookies, Wicker Park

IMG_20170904_144720It was one of those days that I just wanted soup. Like real ramen soup. Btw, it’s only now that I realize Matt considers any Asian soup as ramen. NO. No. No. He will soon learn the differences and nuances of each. And this is why he brought me to Penny’s Noodle Shop the last time I asked for ramen. So now, I do the planning.

IMG_20170904_144729It was a bit of a drive, to the hip area of Wicker Park (too crowded for my tastes) but it looked promising with the different kinds of restaurants and places there.

IMG_20170904_150452We found Furious Spoon, and the first thought I had just shows my age. It was TOO NOISY. We should have opted to sit outside. I like having conversations during meals and this totally killed that option. I did enjoy watching the guys prepare the food in their open kitchen. I could see them boiling and cooking noodles. And time went by fast enough.

IMG_20170904_150505By the way, since this was a hip place, they didn’t have the basic ramen that I like (I miss you Yushoken). I think I got the furious ramen, while Matt got the shoyu.  Or maybe it was the other way around. I am not sure.

We finally dug in our food and amidst the loud noise and bar bench tables, it was good. The flavor of the soup wasn’t the deep broth that I like and look for. This had too many flavors but lacking in depth I think. So I am still hunting down for that flavor. It is more of an okay ramen place to try.

If anybody can recommend to me any real authentic ramen around here, I will be happy.

IMG_20170904_153338So even with that meal, I ended up dragging Matt to a cookie place that we passed by going to Furious Spoon. I bought a couple of cookies to make me feel satiated after an okay meal. And the cookies are kept warm, so all the chocolate is ooey gooey. Delicious. 🙂 I think overall I was happier with the dessert.



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