IMG_20171001_210218Belated happy Halloween! The absence in posts was very untimely. I got sick, and ran out of prepared posts to publish at the same time. Also, I am still sick, but well enough not to just languish in bed. I did get a flu shot, so this is turning out to be a slow flu-crawl. Fever day 1, sniffles and a bad throat for the next 2 days, fever again day 4, and now I am on the let’s-cough-out-our-lungs stage. šŸ™‚ Also, the colder weather (hello freezing temperatures) does not help me get my sweat on.

IMG_20171001_200433So back to food. And halloween. Finally ticked off something on my fall bucket list! Carving pumpkins. On a whim, we brought some pumpkins on our way to dinner at a friend’s place (with their permission), and decided to make that into the night’s activity. I don’t know if it was going to be difficult, or messy, but I knew I was going to enjoy this.

IMG_20171001_203831Matt and I shared one pumpkin, and we chose a scary design to put on it. I did make him draw it because I was afraid of messing itĀ  up. I was afraid of killing our lovely pumpkin, so I made him carve out the hard parts (like the eyes) which he was able to do so perfectly.Ā  I totally enjoyed this activity, though it did require teamwork (him holding the pumpkin, and me yielding the knife) to get through most of it. But it is such a messy fun activity that at this point, I wanted to make it a regular thing.

baby pumpkin friends

And then a week after, as our pumpkin was happily sitting on our side table (no patio to display it at), our pumpkin started to look like scary grandma. I didn’t realize how the pumpkin got soft and squishy and slowly started collapsing on itself.

The insides were moldy, it was also leaking. it was dumped in a trash bag and thrown out. It didn’t even reach halloween! So now I feel guilty how quickly that thing rots and dies (scarier pumpkin then?), but I am glad how I was able to do that once. Now to find some leaves to jump in.


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