Quick Eats: Applebee’s

IMG_20170902_192816Is it weird that this is the first time I have been at Applebee’s? The only reason too was because we had gift cards for it. Matt described it as something like Chilis, which it was. But I actually like the Chili’s vibe more (though I like the vibe better in the Philippines than here). Applebee’s remind me of an older version of Chili’s. A little bit passe but still going strong.

The menu was similar to Friday’s as well. I guess all this bar/restaurants need to have some kind of similar theme going. Unless of course, they are actually owned by the same group?

IMG_20170902_193424We ordered some boneless wings, and some pasta dishes. Those that were like coupled together for a dinner promo. Appetizer plus some mains. I never realized the name “boneless wings” really bother me a lot. What is the point of eating wings without bones on it? Because it’s fancier than calling it a chicken nugget? Really.

IMG_20170902_194009So we got sauced chicken nuggets (I am still feeling quite strongly about this.). We also got cheesy pasta with shrimp, and some cheesy pasta with sweet Asian chicken. The flavors were good generally, but nothing to talk about. The servings were big but not as crazy big as some restaurants. (Or maybe we were just hungry that day?) But now I realize why we weren’t really aiming to eat here. No thank you.



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