Collard Greens

I have never tried collard greens until I moved here to the US. I was afraid I wouldn’t like it, but I actually did. It’s a very hearty leaf that it kept its shape and didn’t really fall apart into mush like spinach or kangkong. I had it the first time when we ate Chicago’s Chicken and Waffles. I knew from hearsay and watching TV that it is one of those things that take forever to cook, so I never really got into cooking it, until I though I was ready.

IMG_20170830_194950We bought some, and mixed it up with some other greens (I think turnips?). I removed all the stems, chopped it all up, and got ready for a long-haul cooking. But seriously, I used the slow cooker, so it wasn’t as if I was that busy doing it. I did saute all the veggies and ham that I added to it first, then put that in the slow cooker. So that was ham, onions, and garlic. I then put in the collard greens on top of that, I poured in some broth, about 2 cups, seasoned it lightly with salt and chili flakes (I can always add more) and just a splash of vinegar. I let that cook on high for 3 hours, tasted it, adjusted seasoning, and let it go for another hour. It was really good, especially for a first try. I felt that I was able to recreate the flavors that should be present there.

I was also happy that we bought enough to last us for a couple of weeks. The long cooking made it something that you prepare it in big batches to make it efficient. But now I know I can do it! 🙂 I am slowly conquering the vegetable aisle one ingredient at a time. 🙂

Recipe used as guides are here and here.


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