Quick Eats: Shake Shack

IMG_20170828_202955You must try this in New York, they said. And we didn’t have enough meals. You can still try it in DC, so we did, even just for dessert. But we stepped in, and I realized that we have had this, in Chicago, near the Philippine Consulate to be exact. That was a funny moment. And all I was thinking was how I did remember the concrete mixers and remembered the banana pie mixer we had, but not really the burger before it. So either the burger was just okay, or the ice cream was just better. In any case, we just had ice cream, and a milkshake.

It was a run off the mill good ice cream and milkshake. Not that memorable even this time because I cannot even remember for the life of me, the flavors that we chose for our treats. But I am beginning to feel all the fastfood here in the US are the same. Maybe that’s why.



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