Quick Eats: Ben’s Chili Bowl, Washington DC

IMG_20170828_185207We described this as drunk food, or hangover food. If Chicago has tacos, Manila has sisig or McDonald’s drive through (depends what time of the night you get hungry), Washington has Ben’s Chili Bowl. It is greasy, yummy, and easy.

We went there for dinner on the last night we had in DC. It was easy enough to choose from the menu. We ordered some chili fries with the original half smoke, and a beef hotdog.

IMG_20170828_185831Those things were messy to eat but these are chili dogs that I like. I usually dislike chili dogs, or hotdogs that are topped with way too much stuff. But this one had just enough of everything, but the dog can still stand out on its own.

Just outisde of the resto

Of course there is nothing fancy about the food. Just  look at it. But I am sure a lot of drunken nights ended up right here at this place. 🙂

Ben’s Chili Bowl
1213 U Street NW Washington DC, 20009


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