Swedish Fish

At a random neighborhood grocery shop, Matt grabbed a pack of somethings that I have never tried before. I assumed they were like regular gummies, but shaped like a fish. Apparently, they are something else and had a name to call their own. Swedish Fish. They are red and fat and thick, opposite of cute gummy bears that I am familiar with, even the worms. These are more..sturdy.

img_20170827_223135.jpgThis was an off-brand product though, and I had to ask Matt if this was what it is supposed to taste like, and he said, almost. It was almost like cherry. Chewy more than gummy. It sticks to your gums and teeth as it slowly melts. I love this darned thing. Matt said it was harder or chewier than normal, but that I think is why I love it. It’s almost like chewable and swallowable gum.

I ended up snacking on this more than Matt did. I won’t be grabbing any of this as a regular treat though. But I would some when offered 🙂


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