Quick Eats: Momofuku Milk Bar, Washington DC

IMG_20170827_210323It was one of those moments in New York that I was like thinking how I have several Momofuku books and I wasn’t able to even try any of their restaurants in New York. I was able glimpse them going home to the AirBnb while on a bus, but not more than that. Fast forward to Washington DC and lo and behold, some restaurants on my New York list have popped up there already (another is Toki Underground, a ramen place). So yes, I added it Momofuku Milk Bar to my list in DC.

IMG_20170827_210544We went with Pam and we went here right after eating at The Pig. We did actually forego dessert in the same restaurant to try a different dessert place. Good thing Milk Bar was open late, compared to the ramen bar. There was a line and we quickly followed suit, taking the time to find what we wanted on the menu.

IMG_20170827_211149When it was our turn, we asked what the best seller was and they said it was the cereal soft serve. I know of cereal milk, and love the idea. We sampled the cereal soft serve and I got the funniest reactions with Matt and Pam who both hated it. They both described it as being handed a bowl of milk that someone just ate the corn flakes out of. I loved it. I don’t even like corn flakes as my cereal unless it is chocolate frosted. But I do love cereal milk. The sample was enough for me so we chose other stuff to buy. Pam bought a blueberry and white chocolate cookie (I think), while we got the candy bar pie.

IMG_20170827_211214We found some good seats outside and hung out for a little bit. But to be honest, the desserts were nothing special. They were good, but they weren’t spectacular as I thought they would be. I did have my hand at this momofuku compost cookie when a friend got it for me before.

So yes, I was severely disappointed with the food. The frustrating part was I loved their concept in the books and have made some recipes from those books here here and here. Well. At least I can say I have tried. Maybe not again.


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