Quick Eats: The Pig, Washington DC

IMG_20170827_185156Soooo. I find it promising to find a restaurant that it calls itself The Pig. I think of it was a meat centered pub, focusing on the meat, but with a mix of fancy. And walking in, the vibe felt exactly like that.

The vibe

We were seated in a booth, and this was where we met with Pam, one of my friends from grade school. We have been friends since sixth grade, and that would make her a friend for already 21 years. Wow. Crazy.

IMG_20170827_192435Matt ordered ribs, Pam ordered some veal and pork meatballs with pasta, and I wanted the pork belly with shrimp and grits. We also ordered some fried green tomatoes, and something wrapped in some meat. For the life of me I cannot remember what it was. (I googled the menu, it was bacon wrapped peaches.) And then they had beer too.

The appetizer was already good. The fried green tomatoes had this sweet kind of tomato salsa, almost reminds of tomato jam. The bacon and fruit was also in a glaze of some sort, playing along with the sweet and salty combo.

My plate

Then our food arrived. Everything looked pretty, and promising.  And you know what? They all delivered. Everything was amazing. We ate slow because the portions were huge but surprisingly, we were able to finish the food. Matt’s rib was just like how we make it at home, with a dry rub of some sort, followed by a wet sauce. It was tangy, and sweet, and had the right bite of the meat. My food was really good. I do miss eating pork belly as much as I used to do in Manila. And Pam’s also had tender meatballs which soaked in the sauce as well.

Matt’s food

Not only did this restaurant do as it promised of delivering such a great meal, it also lived up to its name of that porcine 🙂

The Pig
1320 14th St,. NW Washington DC 20005


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