Quick Eats: Triple B Fresh, Washington DC

Happy birthday to mommy!

I really dislike it when I end up eating anything just because I am hungry. And this is my disclaimer here. We were tired from our ride from New York to Washington DC, and we were just hungry. We wanted a place to sit where we can relax a bit before walking to our hotel room. Matt chose this, and I obliged.

IMG_20170827_142837Matt was also the one who ordered the food for us. I usually love bibimbap, but this dish made me miss the bibimbap that I make. It felt frustrating to eat a dish that I would normally love, but I didn’t. I am not sure if it was the variety of the veggies, the meat, or the flavor combination, but nope. I really didn’t like it.

The veggie flavors felt too muddled that I couldn’t taste a distinction among all the stuff that I am eating. Matt’s food tasted the same, except sweeter because he went for the teriyaki chicken. Not even recommending this one. Nope.

Triple B Fresh
1506 19th St. NW, Dupont Circle, Washington DC 20036



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