Quick Eats: Halal Guys, New York

IMG_20170826_173356I have heard about this so much that it doesn’t even feel like this is just exclusive to New York. We even have it in the Philippines, but I have heard such bad reviews compared to the original one in NY that I refused to even try it. So this was on my list of things I have to try. This would be our last major meal (breakfast in our AirBnB doesn’t really count) in New York, so it felt good to end with this.

IMG_20170826_173553We have passed this stall several times but we we were always full from somewhere that we never really considered having it. But with it being our agenda, we ordered our food readily. We got the combo with rice (of course) and it barely took a minute for our food to be prepared.

IMG_20170826_174056We found a good spot (any where we could kinda sit) to eat. It was still early, around 6 pm. We opened our food and it looked promising. I did take the picture before drizzling on the white sauce and the hot sauce. I know it already looks good, but it looked and tasted so much better with both. I knew what to expect since I do eat gyros and shawarma rice or whatever you call it. It wasn’t after the meal that Matt told me he wasn’t expecting much from it, but was surprised by how great it was. And from the look of a measly cart, you also wouldn’t think of how good it was, but it was. So good. So so so good that I was tempted to even buy more after.

IMG_20170826_174825The mix of the hot, rich, spicy food, with the bread (Matt’s preference) and rice (mine) with the cold veggies was really good. It also felt like such a simple combination, which I guess also what makes it great, and difficult to copy. I want to have that again soon. I am not sure how, but I will.


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