Quick Eats: Make My Cake, Harlem New York

IMG_20170826_132412We were asking some people where to get a real good cheesecake. You know New York style cheesecake, with that sour cream layer on top? Well, we wanted to hunt it down (or at least I did). So after some suggestions (some were too far), we decided to come here after breakfast.

IMG_20170826_132521The outside we didn’t notice too quickly because of the construction or improvements going around it. But there was a tarp so we did see it as we went closer. Upon entering, it reminded me of a cupcake place that’s frequent nowadays, but what it would have looked like in the 60s. It was a huge store, with maybe 30 people to dine in. They serve coffee, some meals, but mostly desserts.

We took our time looking at the many items on display. Matt limited me to two (he knew I would end up ordering too much if he let me, but still two was too much) pieces and I already knew the cheesecake was one. I couldn’t decide on the other one and let Matt pick that one out, plus his own.

IMG_20170826_133310So we had three goodies. The cheesecake, a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting, and a cinnamon roll. We stayed inside to finish the cheesecake as Matt drank his coffee. And the others, we had in Central Park after a quick nap.

IMG_20170826_153123You know that moment when you take a bite and you just cannot keep saying how good it was? Yup. That happened to me, several times, in all the goodies. The cheesecake was dense, creamy, coating your tongue good. I love it that I had to push it away several times to stop gorging on it. But ended up pulling it back close to me anyway. The cupcake was cakey, which I usually didn’t like. But the frosting on it matched so well with the cupcake. And it felt like what a good old-fashioned chocolate cake is! It was gooood. The cinnamon roll was also good, Matt inhaled it, but to be honest, it isn’t sticking to my brain how good it tasted. So it wasn’t that memorable maybe for me. But damn that store, glad I live far away from it otherwise, hello 30 more pounds.



Make My Cake
121 St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 10026


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