Quick Eats: Ray’s Pizza, New York

IMG_20170825_223546I do not remember where we ate this pizza. If anybody reads this and is familiar with the place, let me know. This was not on our list, or at least the restaurant is not, but a classic New York pizza is! (Edit: It is Ray’s Pizza!) We were on our way back to our AirBnB and Matt was hungry. He also said that this pizza place is a must try, and only realized it when he saw it. So in we go.

The place looked like a mom and pop store, with monobloc chairs and tables, a display of variety of pizza, and non-stop fussing in the kitchen for orders. This was at an odd hour. Maybe 11pm at night. But yep, they were busy making pizza for deliveries, as well as refilling all their displays.

IMG_20170825_223947As Matt lined up to get some pizza, I watched how they made their pizza. The dough was all measured out all ready, maybe 10 trays of them, each holding 6 to 8 pizza dough balls. They were stretched by hand, toppings all ready prepared, the oven continuously being opened for a new batch. For all the time we were there, the guy never stopped making pizza.

The pizza slice we ordered was heated, and served on a paper plate. It was sausage, from what I remember. This was nothing fancy. But taking a bite of it, I then understood why pizza is great. I also understood how different pizza is in Chicago.

IMG_20170825_223508Pizza in Chicago is a meal. You have it, you get a slice (or three) and you are stuffed full. You eat a lot at a time so you will maybe eat pizza next week. It is a deep dish pizza so it is heavy. For the New York, it is thin crust, huge maybe, but still felt light. Nothing too heavy, just your regular sauce, cheese, and toppings. And that’s it. You can eat a few today, a slice tomorrow, and it is not too heavy. No wonder people in movies and shows based in NY eat pizza nonstop. Maybe if it was here in Chicago, it’s gonna be featured once a month. PS. For those in Manila, S&R or Yellowcab is nothing to real New York Pizza. It’s just..different.


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