Quick Eats: B Side Pizza and Wine Bar, New York

IMG_20170825_182608We were on our way to watch the play Puffs on Broadway but we needed to catch some dinner. We haven’t had any pizza yet (I am not sure if this qualifies, maybe) so we decided to hunt down a pizza place near the show.

Beautiful pizza
With the iconic yellow taxi

It was still quite early, but the place already looked busy. We grabbed a table by the windowsill because I like how the area feels. Open, airy with free people watching. We ordered an appetizer of sugar snap peas drizzled with balsamic, and pizza, the Italian Stallion, to share (we wondered a bit because the couple beside us ordered one pizza each).

IMG_20170825_183958The snap peas were good but I have never been a fan of balsamic dressings on their own. They were good, but sour for me. But we ate it all anyway. The pizza was nicely charred at the bottom (they have those fancy brick stoves) and was super hot, and crispy and it was sooo good. I mean it wouldn’t take very hard for us to finish one each of those things. Love that pizza. But again, I am not sure if this qualifies as the New York pizza we are supposed to try, but no worries, we will try again, and this was good!

B Side Pizza and Wine Bar
370 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019


7 thoughts on “Quick Eats: B Side Pizza and Wine Bar, New York

    1. That’s true. But this is like me saying how pizza in the Philippines is way cheaper too. But it’s the economics also of the ingredients, labor, rent etc. It’s not all about margins that make it expensive.

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