Quick Eats: Il Laboratorio del Gelato

IMG_20170825_121706I have read about it  while looking for a nice gelato place (ended up in Amorino) the other time. But stepping out of Katz, and taking pictures by their wall, I noticed that literally just across the street was Il Laboratorio del Gelato. I remember reading about sesame seed ice cream (which I love) and other odd flavors. Since we had breakfast before our brunch in Katz, I asked Matt if we can share one. The darling that he is, of course he agreed.

IMG_20170825_122754We went in and it was very laboratory-like. It was also before lunch, so the place felt quite empty. I was looking at their flavors, and though they do have some that were normal by any standard, there were odd ones too. I decided to try some of the black and white pepper (they had black pepper, and white pepper, two kinds, yes) because I was curious as how they made something I always associated with savory food into a dessert.

The first lick was still cold regular cream based ice cream, but then the flavor of the pepper hits, like crazy. The black one was spicier, or at least more peppery. The white one was milder. I was amazed how they tasted. Matt found it too spicy I think 🙂 Then we finally chose our flavors that we will be buying. We chose honey lavender and the sesame seed one, which Matt chose.

IMG_20170825_122926The honey lavender was subtle. It was very refreshing after our heavy meal. The sesame seed one is milder than I expected. I was used to the Asian black sesame which was full bodied in flavor. This one is mild, almost like a hint of sesame only, but Matt didn’t like that, and found it too…savory I guess. I ended up eating more of that.

I wish we discovered this place earlier. So we could try more of their odd flavors. You can actually asked your flavors to be mixed together. I wonder what other people make on their own.

Il Laboratorio del Gelato
188 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002


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