Quick Eats: Xian Famous Foods, New York

Their menu

So this has an abundant number of branches in New York, but it was my friend Pam from DC who mentioned this to me. We were in Chinatown (after a much needed body and foot massage) and I was sure that we would find one of their branches here, and we did! I wasn’t sure what to expect from this place, since I was just going here based on recommendation. No research or whatsoever prior to coming here.

Don’t miss it!

I was surprised by the menu options. I actually thought they would be more… well, American. But hardly. Though they did have “burgers”, which is what Matt ordered, everything on the menu was dimsum, or soup, or noodles. Matt got the lamb burger, I ordered the oxtail soup, and went for spicy.  The place, like most fast food joints, was self service. So we claimed a table, grabbed some utensils and the like at the counter.

My soup

The food was served within a few minutes. And at first smell I already knew it was going to be good. Matt’s lamb burger looked like a pulled pork sandwich stuffed in a pita, and tasted very spicy – cooked with lots of spices, which is typical of Sichuan cooking. I already knew mine was going to be good because nobody would serve oxtail in this setting unless it’s been cooked so soft and tender that it falls off the bone, with a very yummy broth, and THAT IS exactly what I got.

On top is the burger

The broth was like a hearty beef stew, if I lived in a particular part of China. It was beefy, heartwarming, filling, and oh-so-familiar, but different. It was good. I love also how the noodles are thick and had a bite. They were uneven in size because they are hand-cut which actually made it feel more authentic.

Wall art

I am curious to make this dish here back home. I have been looking for ox-tail but haven’t found any yet since we have been back. But the hunt is on.

Xian Famous Foods
Several branches all over New York


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