Quick Eats: Russ and Daughters, New York

Cream cheeses

When I was looking up food places to try in New York, this seemed to be one of those, “Is it really that good?” One of the complaints was the hefty price tag at $15 for their famous bagel. But this one came up several more times in my continuous search that I just decided to add it on the list.


This was a whole 30 minute ride away from where we were staying that even if we wanted to have it for breakfast, brunch was more like. We had a light breakfast of bread with egg, then proceeded to go here. As we came closer, we passed by people who had their products on hand, sitting in random parks or stopping at street corners. I couldn’t figure out if these are all tourists, or locals though. But well, they seemed to be happy.

Other stuff

When we got there, there was a bit of a wait. You take a number. While waiting, I was surprised that more than the lox and bagels that they have, they have other salads items, some drinks, and a selection of sweets, coffee, and other treats.

IMG_20170824_123511We ended up getting their special. We got the everything bagel, some chive cream cheese, lox (I forget which kind) and capers. We also bought some bagel chips and egg salad (I wanted lox tartare but was vetoed by Matt). I didn’t get any sweets because Matt said the bagel chips would travel better.

IMG_20170824_123619So we found ourselves hunting for a park and proceeded to enjoy our food. I already knew that there were huge slices of salmon in there since I watched how much they put in it (a lot). But opening the package and seeing how much of it was in there was totally amazing. You understand the hefty price. And after the first bite, you realize that it was really worth it.

Eating in the park

So the bagel was proof that they don’t skimp on the ingredients. The egg salad was another testimony on how they do things simple as well. It was mostly egg, almost no mayonnaise, or just the right amount of it, plus some celery and a hint of onion just sparsely in the mix. And it was really good. I don’t even like mayonnaise, but this one I was scooping with the bagel chips as if my life depended on it. Yummy.

IMG_20170824_123707Russ and Daughters
179 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002
With other branches


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