Quick Eats: New York Hotdog, New York

IMG_20170823_230821So we had hotdogs twice in this trip. One was during the Mets game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. We had the Nathan’s hotdog, which is apparently a common thing all over. It was good, but I was hungry. So it was still a toss-up.

The second one was after going around one night and Matt was still hungry,  we stopped by one of those street food stalls with neon lights screaming hotdogs, gyro and what else you might want. That second time, I wasn’t really hungry. I was more curious to the taste.

That’s the lights of time square behind it 🙂

I do like hotdogs. And by that I mean all kinds. I grew up eating those red scary hotdogs in the Philippines, which I love by the way. I also love those franks that I learned to eat as well. And well, Matt also likes hotdogs so I have gotten my fair share of Chicago dogs.

But I do have to confess. I like New York hotdogs more than Chicago ones. Whaaaaat. I think the Chicago one is a bit overdone with the relish, a giant slice of pickle, peppers (hot or sweet), onions, mustard and whatever you may want to put in there. Though the New York hotdog can also be topped with a bunch of things, the default is sauerkraut, onions, mustard, and some tomato sauce (it is a sauce of some sort). And that’s it. The flavors are simpler, less crazy. And I love it. I know I know. I live here in Chicagoland, but yes, New York Dogs win. Well, maybe after my favorite Jolly Hotdog from Jollibee. 🙂


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