Quick Eats: Amorino Gelato, New York

I did a quick google on and found that Amorino, it appeared, is one of the most popular and had a really good selection of flavors of gelato. It was a short walk from where were, coming from Delmonico. I did leave enough space in my tummy to have some dessert.

IMG_20170823_135652There were sorbets and gelato in their freezer and we were having a hard time choosing. When we finally chose our flavors, I realized that I should have gotten the one in a cone to get their cute floral scooping. Also, I could have chosen more flavors to go in my cup if I wanted to.  But then, I also wanted enough bites to savor the flavors I chose.

IMG_20170823_135722Matt got chocolate, coffee and hazelnut. I ordered dark chocolate, salted caramel, and honey almond. All of our flavors were almost compatible/similar to each other, not only in colors, but also flavor profile. And the ice cream was good. But my favorite one among all was Matt’s hazelnut. It was purely hazelnut, with no chocolate to muddle the taste of the nut. We ordered separately and I wish that we ordered more variety in our flavors, but we both wanted what we wanted. Earth colors apparently 🙂

Amorino Gelato
With several branches in New York


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