Quick Eats: Delmonico’s Kitchen, New York

IMG_20170823_122328So the  next few bajillion posts is about a month delayed from real time. We went to New York and Washington DC last August and this will be the flood of food that we had. Most of the stuff that we tried are either classics in both areas that anyone should try, or highly recommended by friends.

Please be warned in advance that there is Delmonico’s Kitchen, Cafe and Steakhouse. All vary. Cafe is like a deli, steakhouse seems to be the same as the Kitchen but a bit fancier which I only discovered its existence now, and Kitchen is where we went to. We did get lost first in the Cafe and we were wondering, where are the steaks. So we got our butts out of there and walked ten more blocks to the other one.

IMG_20170823_123650The place was fancy and more dressed up than we were but we were happily accommodated. Most of the people there appeared to be taking lunch breaks from work, rather than tourists like us. We ordered crab mac and cheese, and the ribeye steak cooked medium rare. We ended up ordering mashed potatoes too afterwards, because I needed rice, and there wasn’t any, to go with my steak. It’s just me being Filipino.

The service was quick, and the mac and cheese was served quickly. We were tired and hungry. The mac and cheese felt like a regular mac and cheese, except for the fantastic crab flavor it had. It was mild, but chunky with whole crab meat in the mix. We agreed that it was both very good and we couldn’t wait for the next part of our meal.

Shortly, the steak was served with some fried onion strings on top. It was charred from the grill. Now this part we differ in opinion. Matt loved the intense charring on the steak, while this was the main reason I needed rice (or mashed potato) in my meal. It was good but I found the flavors too strong. But I wasn’t complaining as I was wolfing down the whole thing as well. It was good. Good good good.

This ended up as Matt’s favorite meal in New York. I did like it, but I liked it as much as I did the other new things that we had. So, yes, this was a great meal.

Delmonico’s Kitchen
207 W 36th St, New York, NY 10001


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