Cacio e Pepe with Tomato Bruschetta

One of the classic Italian things that I discovered I love is tomato bruschetta. It is made similarly as the simple pasta that I like using fresh tomatoes that are barely cooked. Chop tomatoes, garliIMG_20170816_194558c, and herbs (oregano for pasta and basil for bruschetta is my go to), then season with salt and chili flakes, then top with olive oil. The difference only happens with the cheese. In the pasta, you sprinkle it in after tossing the noodles and tomato mix in the pan. In the bruschetta, you mix it in with everything, before allowing the flavors to come together and cook on the bread. But all in all, a combination that will never go wrong.

The cacio e pepe was something I talked bout here before. That dish is so good and simple that I don’t know how people will react to it. But Matt is such good sport about this that I am willing to cook it and let him try.

I usually just use whatever random cheese we have in the fridge, and I think it was a mix of cheddar and colby. Sadly though, we also don’t have a pepper grinder so it is just store bought ground black pepper (MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE) for this dish. But still, it turned out very yummy. I did reserve the pasta water to make the dish creamier. But the simplicity of it was really what I love. And serve with the bruschetta, this is a runaway quick dinner. 🙂


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