Cutting the dough. This is half of it all.

Matt and I were in the supermarket. And a conversion goes like this…

Matt grabbing a beignet mix while looking at me.
Me: No, we can just make that from scratch. I said I will make some for you.
Matt: But you haven’t made me any yet…

They puff up

That means I have to make some. So I did. I mean, I did want to make it that day we were in the supermarket, but never realized the beignet were risen from yeast, so it will take almost an afternoon to make some. I did make time that day for this, and even bought some powdered sugar to completely do it right.

Picture picture

I followed Anne Burell’s Beignet recipe, and actually just let it rise a little bit longer than she said (read that some places let it rise for a good 3 hours. And following instructions to the letter, they turned out good. Matt inhaled a whole batch of it (the recipe is good for maybe 5 batches in this two-person household). I only found them okay. I mean they were good, but I would choose churros over these anyday. They remind me of doughnuts, which I also only like on occasion. I am saving some of the dough for more beignets. Some I will make into cinnamon rolls. ūüėÄ


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