Toasted Banana Bread

One of the few things I bake regularly with our sourdough is banana bread. This one came from me and Matt both grabbing bananas in the supermarket and not realizing we had double the weekly needed servings of bananas. I knew we couldn’t finish it (I cannot even finish one whole banana by myself.) so I made plans to make banana bread already.

So that is normal business but with two slices left of the whole loaf, I was thinking of what would happen to it if I cut them, and then toast them in a pan, and almost make a banana bread crumble. I do like toasting my banana bread in the toaster for more crunchy bits.

IMG_20170812_151537So it was a mid-afternoon snack for me and Matt. I sliced them  up in cubes, but they did end up breaking apart while I was toasting them anyway. I put some butter in a cool pan, slowly heated it up with the banana bread already in it. It took a good 10 to 15 minutes over low heat to get it to the darker color that I like. It wasn’t hard and crunchy yet, but it surprisingly became so once I let it cool in a bowl while I was prepping the ice cream.

IMG_20170812_151656So this was like a more sinful/processed banana split in my head, so I just decided, for the heck of it, add chocolate syrup. And it was great. Too great. It was so good that I was happy it was the last two slices of our bread since I might end up making all of banana bread like this.


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