Making Khoya

I accidentally saw this while reading some Indian dessert recipes. I have made julab jamun before since this is my favorite Indian dessert, but the recipe that I had made use of powdered milk. Reading more into the recipe, I realized that authentic recipes made use of cooked down fresh milk, called khoya, which was then used in the recipes. The very first thing that came to my mind was polvoron.

I already have a polvoron mold bought from Seafood City weeks back, and I have not used it because powdered milk is too darn expensive in the US. So with the khoya recipe, I may have found a way to make polvoron.

Just milk, that overflows

First, I got my hands on a gallon of fresh whole milk. I maybe cooked down half a gallon, which took about 1.5 hours of idle time. It was just simmering on the stove while I other stuff. But it took 1.5 hours. You need to mix it regularly so the milk doesn’t burn, or overflows (which made a horrible mess on the stove). After that, I just measured it, mostly treated it the same way as I would powdered milk (but you know, kinda a wet paste instead) and made my polvoron.

The cooked milk

Of course it tasted different. I added more sugar (because powdered milk is sweeter) and butter (which I am not sure is the right step) since I know powdered milk is creamier. I do forget though that this is a wetter mix from the pasty khoya so adding butter makes it more wet. I also added some of the lime extract I made before when I made my lime Italian ice. Using the mold proved too hard, and I just ended up rounding them to balls, which held and actually looked good.

Matt liked the polvoron made with khoya, but am missing the powdery texture of the polvoron. But now at least I can make it with fresh milk if need be.


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