Caramel Apple French Toast

We rarely have white bread simply because Matt prefers sourdough. I don’t miss bread too much so I really don’t have a strong opinion of it. Except for that one time I craved for pbjs. I have tried to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using not white bread and it was a horrible experience. So I bought some white bread because  of that.

Some of the rare stuff we get to have at home as well is french toast. I have tried that with sourdough bread with horrible results. So since the bread is here, might as well make some into french toast.

IMG_20170809_072515The apple part is an inspiration from a video on Facebook by Gordon Ramsey where he uses caramelized bananas and pairs it with pancakes. Matt was not liking the rose variety of apples that he got so I figured it was a good way to use it up, cooked in syrup.

This turned out fantastic. The apples were cooked in just a little bit of sugar, butter, water, milk and cinnamon. I drizzled it over the warm french toast and it was gooood. Of course, it is a far cry from healthy. But that was a good breakfast.


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