Gyoza and Siomai

I have tried making siomai before in Manila but I remember it being completely ugly so I have never tried it again here. Though there are a lot of dimsum places here, I miss Henlin, that quick food joint in Manila, with fatty siomai which fancy Chinese people don’t even consider real dimsum. But I want it anyway. I knew it will be a long while before I get to the flavors of that siomai, but I was willing to try.

The gyoza in this experiment was more of an accident. Simply because we still have too much cabbage from buying a whole head for my sauerkraut experiment (I only used 4/5 of the 6 pound cabbage).

Pretty gyoza

This is the recipes I used as a guide for siomai, but ended up using beef, because that’s what we had, as well as apple cider vinegar, for the same reasons. And no mushroom because, well, we didn’t have any. I used this recipe for the gyoza but used chicken instead. I minced the chicken using my cuisinart hand blender. As well as all the vegetables that both went in the siomai and gyoza. The wrapper I bought was intended for wonton, but in reality, it was quite thick and ended up being more appropriate for the gyoza. I tried my best to copy the look of a gyoza even though I was using square wrappers. They did in fact turn out better than the siomai. Siomai looked ugly, but tasted good.

Ugly siomai

We ended up eating most of the siomai I made, with the leftovers eaten for lunch the next day. The gyoza, we only cooked half, half of it was IQF in the freezer, and just there for a quick meal.

I will easily make this again, maybe adjusting my siomai a little bit, to make it look better, though I am not sure how. But it tasted good all the same, especially the gyoza!


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