Berry Cobbler

We had some fresh blueberries and strawberries in the fridge (yes, they were cheap too) and we were having Matt’s dad over for dinner to watch GoT (episode 4 I think). I already had the ribs and mac and cheese planned out, but I was thinking we need dessert.

IMG_20170807_115528I was looking through my Silver Spoon cookbook and found one that was apt! I started making it, realized I have only half the required berries, and raided our freezer for any frozen berries. And we had a mix of raspberry, and what ever else came in the bag! Ta-dah.

While I was getting ready to put the crumble on top of the berries in sugar, I realized that the recipe didn’t state what size of container to cook the dish in. And maybe that’s why I love this cookbook. It was just like how I write my own recipes. Or how I read recipes (just as a guide). I did end up using an 8 by 8 dish for this and it worked perfectly. And also, this was reminiscent of my cherry pie. but easier and actually yummier.


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