Birthday Surf and Turf!

I knew that I wanted Matt to have some steaks for his birthday because we love it, but it’s a luxury that we have had only a couple of times since I arrived here. So I knew that for his birthday, that would be best. I asked him what he would want to it, and he said scallops. The nearest good grocery to us considering fresh meat is Whole Foods. So that is where I went.

All that

And luckily, they had some top sirloin steaks on sale, so I grabbed a couple of slices. Each slice was a pound. I forget the conversion of ounce to pound and just though we can it anytime else we want. I didn’t realize that we can barely finish a pound between us, especially when we have something else on the plate. And this time, we have a pound of scallops, some mashed potatoes and corn.

Bought that cake too

I just seared the steaks and they were a nice medium to medium rare. Only seasoned it with salt and pepper. The scallops were cooked in butter, garlic, salt, pepper and lime. And that ended up being a fantastic meal (for 4 people maybe). But that was a good dinner for anybody’s birthday.


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