This is not the first time I would have tried sauerkraut. I had it in Sydney in a German/Austrian restaurant. I had it in Galena when we went for our trip. I had it in Matt’s sandwiches whenever I take a bite out of his reuben or pastrami. But I remember distinctly that this is the time I have fallen in love with sauerkraut. We bought some german sauerkraut from Aldi, which I am sure Matt grabbed just because. And when we started eating it with our sausages, I knew that the cup between us that I have prepared is not enough. Nope. No. No. And that continued on my love affair.

IMG_20170731_124657We ended up trying out the same brand of sauerkraut, but red, and with apples. It was too sweet for me and I was missing out the sourness of the sauerkraut. But we did finish that jar no problem as well. We have already consumed another jar,  a part of our homemade three jar stash as well, and have another one in the cupboard just waiting. Yes, I fell in love with sauerkraut.



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