Quick Eats: Kuma’s Corner 2, Schaumburg

Matt and I have actually eaten here before, but at a different location, in Chicago. Also, that was almost two years ago and I cannot even remember how our food tasted like. So when Matt’s birthday rolled around, his mom and Gary invited us out to eat and Matt’s choice is Kuma’s.

My burger

The place was packed and we waited a few minutes to get our seats. After perusing the menu for a while, Gary and I ended up ordering the Neurosis, Matt got the Goatsnake burger, and his mom ordered the featured mac and cheese item. I wanted to share a mac and cheese with Matt, with the burgers. Good thing we didn’t though.

Matt’s burger

Why do I always forget how HUGE portions are the US. When the plates arrived, I can’t figure out how to finish mine, let alone how to eat a mac and cheese along with it if we ordered it. And no matter how I tried, I couldn’t even get past the halfway point. And yes, yes, it was delicious. It was a messy juicy burger that you cannot stop taking a bite out of. It was so good. I always find burgers here such a comfort food now, even at home. But I really couldn’t finish it.

I noticed though that I always end up choosing a fancy burger off the menu. Maybe next time I will get the simplest one.

Kuma’s Corner
1570 E Golf Rd. Schaumburg, IL 60173


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