Needlenose Pliers vs Boneless Bangus

Filipino dinner in the house of fried milkfish, sauteed ensalada of tomatoes, ginger, onion and garlic (lower right), and bicol express (upper left)

I remember putting “this” shopping item on our list, and Matt trying to figure out what fish scissors mean. I know that in SM, they used those medical scissors that aren’t really sharp, for pulling out the pesky bones of the wonderful bangus (milkfish). I have attempted to debone the milkfish using tweezers and it was enough to make me spend more money on the already deboned fish. But I am miserly that way and I wasn’t going to give up on the first try.

Deboned by me!

So we didn’t end up buying any fish scissors that day, but we ended up agreeing that a needle nose (or long nose) pliers, may work the best for that. So I sauntered over the local hardware store and looked at the pliers and found one that was perfect. It was a four inch needle nose pliers that was spring loaded. It looked pretty for me, and I was sure I was going to be able to use this.

Trusty tool

And when I did tackle my bangus that has been quietly sitting in the freezer, this was amazing!!! I love discovering how it worked so perfectly at deboning the fish. Of course, I still had to do whole filleting bit, but that’s easy enough. But this was amazing. I was able to debone the fish in less than half the time it takes me to do it! I excitedly sent a picture of the pliers to my mom. I hope she bought her own.


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