Butter Chicken

After being able to satisfy my craving for Indian food by eating out here, I was still wanting a little bit more. But this time, I want to make Matt try Buttered Chicken, which is one of Ate’s favorite Indian (or maybe British Indian) dishes. It is what I call a starter curry. Very mild in the spice, can be crazy in the heat adjusted to your preference. Butter chicken to Indian cuisine is Green curry to Thai cuisine.

Butter chicken with brown rice and grilled cauliflower

Of course, i was going to make this from scratch, how else? I used this recipe loosely. And if you don’t know me yet, all recipes are guides for me. I never follow exact measurements. I ended up missing my favorite mortar and pestle which I left in Manila. It is just too heavy and cumbersome to bring. I remember buying that after my cooking class in Bali and being amazed by their beautiful grinding stones. I ended up grating the ginger and mincing the garlic for this one. I do not mind the preparation. It is one of the most relaxing things in my everyday, preparing food.

IMG_20170718_202712The flavors of Butter Chicken are almost like a sweet-spicy curry. Nothing too strong compared to other dishes. And all in all, it is a friendly dish. So did Matt like it? Of course! I would easily make this again as I have done this in the past already in here.


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