Cherry Yogurt

You know you have too much of one thing when you add it to almost any of your food to finish it. That may be the problem when you are only two people living together. At some point, you will always have too much food. I don’t think that ever happened in Manila, where we had 2 kids (3 now), and 9 adults in one home – me, my mom, my older sister and her husband, two nannies, one help, and the two adult kids of help. Yup, then, we always had someone who can easily finish off something.

IMG_20170713_071915So going back, we have yogurt to fit in our attempts of trying to eat better (interspersed with ice cream, meats, and all the other good stuff). So I pitted some cherries, sliced them up, put them on the yogurt. I recently had my tooth done so I only added honey into mine, while I put granola in Matt’s. 🙂

This was very simple, but very delicious. It doesn’t work quite as well with other fruits but this one was really good. More cherries while it’s summer!


2 thoughts on “Cherry Yogurt

  1. The cherries in Northern Michigan are to die for. They’re really good around the 4th of July. I recommend it make the bucket list

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