Cherry Pie

For those who don’t know, cherries are expensive in Manila. I remember buying a bag of it when I was in China because it was so cheap. In Manila, cherries will be sold at about $15 dollars a kilo at least. Or $8 a pound. And here, it’s sold at less than a dollar a pound! Crazy!

IMG_20170710_102759So apparently, I have discovered, the way Matt hints about wanting something. The cherries were cheap, so he grabs a bag, though we have barely touched the one sitting in our fridge. I said we have a bag, and he goes, it’s fine. And then he adds, “It’s cheap, and you can always make something out of it.” Yup, that something.

So I gave in and decided to make cherry pie. I have never tried this in Manila because it was too expensive to mess up. But here, a bad batch will not kill my pocket (only Matt’s).

IMG_20170710_102807We bought a ready-made graham crust because I was feeling lazy. And then I just cooked the cherry pie in sugar, some alcohol (which ever we had on hand) and that was it! I used the recipe in my Silverspoon cookbook as a guide in making the filling. And that was it! All the piping of whipped cream was just me making it pretty. And also because we just had leftover whipped cream 😀


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