Quick Eats: Stanley’s Kitchen and Tap, Chicago

So there we were downtown. Obviously there were a lot of food to be tried, but we were in between coming from the Lincoln Park Zoo and going to watch a free movie at the park, so we were just looking for somewhere in between. And this is where Yelp comes in. We ditched a few choices, like a Japanese place, and another one. We ended up here.

That adoring look on his face

We chose to sit outside because it was nice and cool. Though we were both really hungry, we ended up sharing one plate because the serving was half a chicken. And thank goodness we did. That portion was huge. When it arrived, the only thing I can think of was, “ONE PERSON WILL EAT THIS?” Also, it was really really really good. But how wrong can a fried chicken go? Especially when you are hungry and wanting for food. but this is a nice chill place, great vibe too. And from what I can feel, this would be a great late night hang out. 🙂

Stanley’s Kitchen and Tap
1970 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614


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