Quick Eats: Furama, Chicago

It was one of those lazy days. Matt and I woke up early and headed to the beach with our goodies for breakfast, and off we went. The beach was empty, it was quiet, the sun was low in the sky. We had our light breakfast, and enjoyed the quiet scenery. Then it started getting sunnier, and more people were arriving. We left before noon and was basically looking for a great place to get food.

We were in an Asian area with Vietnamese Pho, Thai tea, and Dimsum everywhere (No Filipino restaurants from what I saw). We just parked on the street and went in a restaurant that looked good to us.

IMG_20170703_130030We ended up ordering 4 kinds of dimsum, and some rice for me, and everything I found really good. I love dimsum. Heck, just siomai and I am a happy kid. But we ordered a variety of them. Egg rolls, sio mai, hakaw, pork something (what I though was xiao long bau but wasn’t), and I think one more thing. Everything was good. And cheap! Of course I still miss Henlin. 😦 But I will find my own favorite dimsum here soon enough. 🙂

4936 N. Broadway in Chicago IL


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