Quick Eats: Kama Bistro, La Grange

I was craving for biryani (watching TV does not help satiate the craving. It makes it wilder.) My last attempt at biryani here in the US didn’t turn out so well. I was craving for that fluffy rice and those variety of spices in the mix. After some badgering, Matt and I ended up in Kama Bistro. This was a posh dinner place. Or it feels like it, at least. Well the price too. But the food was amazing.

Matt’s plate

We ordered a few different things. I of course, ordered the lamb biryani, Matt ordered a grilled seafood platter, and then we had the sauteed spinach with roti. All in all, those three were a bit too much. I think we were able to make 3 separate meals after the restaurant dinner.

Roti with spinach

The spinach was amazing. It was creamy, which almost reminded me of laing. Which, I am sure, some people will not like. My biryani, though it was good, some parts of the lamb were barely warm. Meaning these were frozen or chilled, then cooked with the rice. It wasn’t so bad, but that was the main flaw of the meal. Matt was absolutely happy with his food. It was a variety of seafood, some fish, prawns, squid, with onions, and a side of rice. Everything on his plate was amazing too.

Lamb biryani

I want to go back to this place but will remember how pricey things are. But this was really good!

Kama Bistro
9 South La Grange Road, La Grange, IL 60525


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