Quick Eats: Pappadeaux, Westmont

The cooked oysters

So this is still part of my birthday celebration. Matt’s mom (I still don’t believe in calling adults by their first names, yes I am an adult, but you get the drill.) invited us to celebrate my birthday and I googled a handful of restaurants and landed on this one. The seafood promise of course is a lure for me. And it also was highly rated in several reviews. One thing we didn’t realize was it would have been better if we made reservations for this place. A lot of people eat here. Though we had to wait, that was a good sign for me.

Matt’s 🙂

The place was noisy and jam-packed on that weekend lunch. But servers were quick, and I was delighted by our server as well. He seemed flustered, but very happy to assist us.

Half of an order

Our table ordered a plate of raw and cooked oysters, Matt and I shared a fish fry, plus some gumbo, then Matt’s mom had a seafood kebab, then Gary ordered some fried catfish. Tables around us were being served really huge food servings. I knew Matt and I should just share from the portions that were appearing out of the kitchen.


Our oysters soon arrived and they were delicious!!! Both the raw, and different cooked varieties were great! Then finally the food arrived, and though our dish was split already between me and Matt, I was still amazed by the huge half portion.

IMG_20170624_192041Our order came with grits, and that was good too. Everything was actually really good. On our fish fry we had two kinds of fish, shrimp, crawfish, and other stuff. And every bite was delicious.

I will enjoy going back to this place, but more ready for the noise and jumble of the restaurant. But it was amazing for me!

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen
 921 Pasquinelli Dr, Westmont, IL 60559


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