I love making Matt try Filipino food and seeing his enjoyment of it. Like the palitaw (and more recently, turon). I made this because I was craving for something, and I wasn’t sure what and this just popped into my mind. I have sticky rice, I have shredded coconut, I have sugar. I don’t have sesame seeds, but that’s fine. Ummm. Thinking about it makes me want to make it again.

This is such a classic snack for me. I remember having made this when i was younger, and attempting and then failing, then succeeded in making it again. 🙂 It is easy as long as you have ground sticky rice on hand.

IMG_20170623_152548You just need to make a dough out of the sticky rice flour and water. Add only a bit of water at a time because it just takes a little to get it wet. And also, a little goes a long way for the rice. Once the dough is made, knead it a little. Then make about golf sized balls and then flatten it into a pancake. Set aside. Boil some water and once boiling, drop the flattened dough in the water. It is cooked, once the dough floats on the water. (This is where the palitaw, or litaw (meaning show up, or in this case, float) comes from.) Place in a plate and top with a mixture of fresh coconut and sugar. I used shredded coconut for baking because that is the the only thing I had on hand. 🙂


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