Time to tackle you!

The only artichokes I have tried in Manila were canned hearts. And I really never found the appeal in them. I am sure canned versus fresh flavors are about as far as possible, especially since citric acid is always added to the processed ones to keep it from oxidizing. I have always been curious about it though, because here it is more easily available (cheaper), and now I do have the time and patience to experiment with it. Matt told me to just grab one the next time we go grocery shopping. So I did.

IMG_20170620_174930The simplest way to prepare food is always the best way to taste them. I decided to do the butter dipping and scraping route to really try it. It was some trouble cleaning it, but not too crazy. Soon we had it for dinner. I wasn’t too keen on the flavors, and the work on eating it, but it was fancy. But as I was getting to the heart, more of the very mild flavors were coming out. Almost like mashed green potato. Green meaning it tastes of green stuff, but a different texture. It’s a complicated way to describe it, but I did like it, and understood then why people eat it.

It still is an expensive vegetable to have. But I will grab it every now and then when it is in season 🙂

No recipes needed, but cleaning instructions are below:

First, remove some of the lower leaves, those are too dry to eat. Then cut off the top inch of the artichoke. This is to expose the choke. Snip off the tips of the leaves so you can handle it easier. They poke like hell. Then using a spoon, open up middle, then scrape off the furry choke without getting too much of the heart (meat). Steam upside down (to let the steam go inside the artichoke) with water, bay leaves, salt, and garlic. Steam for 10 minutes. Melt butter for dipping to eat it 🙂

To eat, peel off a leaf, dip in butter (the bottom part of the leaf) then scrape with your teeth. Ta-dah!


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