Birthday with Cousins!

So around a month ago, we had an early celebration of two birthdays, mine and my cousin-in-law 🙂 We planned the get together because we haven’t gotten together properly since I got here. And this is going on my blog because I want to post what food goes on in a Filipino get together. As Matt said, where is the bun and mustard for the sausages?

Tons of food

The dinner meal was a lot for 7 people. But we ate a lot too. We barbecued and we had Filipino chicken barbecue, grilled brats, yakisoba, macaroni salad, grilled vegetables, and rice. And my watermelon cake. This also highlighted my view of Filipino parties, which is what my mom and I always argued about. We always need more than one meat. It is normal to have all chicken, pork, beef, and seafood on one table. It’s more unusual to not have at least two of those. That’s the pinoy way 🙂



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