Quick Eats: El Bistro Latin

So we were once again going to Six Flags and we needed to find dinner on the way there. We ended up deciding on this one. We came on a Friday late afternoon and was surprised to see that the restaurant was mostly full.

Yay free appetizer

Disclaimer though, I think the restaurant is family owned and our waiter is somebody’s grandfather. He wasn’t too helpful in deciding with the food and describing the food.

My not too sweet, salty, sour, mango drink

Matt ordered a cuban sandwich and I got shrimp platter with Puerto Rican rice and Mexican beans. Ordering was difficult because it seems we weren’t getting any  information. I also asked about the mangoneada and was curious about it. I ended up ordering though a lot of my questions about it were unanswered.

The food was really good, and I think the presence of so many people were proof too. The sandwich was hearty, and my meal was filling. Like really good. I want to try their buffet because I have the feeling it is more of the food that I had.

Hefty cuban sandwich

Getting our bill was disastrous too. We never got it. We had to go upfront, ask for it, and pay for it there. Apologies were made, but we were rushing to get out (to make it to Six Flags) so it was kind of annoying. But the food was still good.

My shrimp platter

El Bistro Latin
1261 E Algonquin Rd, Des Plaines, IL 60016


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