For someone having grown up in a tropical country, viands, or ulam as we call it, doesn’t really change throughout the year. You don’t really have winter, or heartier dishes, or at least you don’t classify it as such.

Tinola is a soup, made with chicken, chayote, ginger, onion, garlic, and other vegetables like unripe papaya, etc. I guess you can call it chicken soup, Philippine version. I rarely crave for this in Manila, but this is what I craved for here in the US. So much that one of the first things I grabbed in our grocery trip is chayote (or sayote.)

IMG_20170614_113436You basically boil the ginger, onion, garlic and chicken, in some broth or water, then add the vegetables once the chicken is almost done. Ta-dah. Done! Then of course, you serve this with rice. I decided to make Matt try it (meaning it was in his surprise lunch bag.) But instead of rice, I put in some of my fettuccine (it was so thin it was like rice noodles). And it became a heartier soup.

I asked Matt about it and he said it was good. Except that I was making him eat soup in the sweltering heat of summer. But you see, that’s how it is in Manila. 🙂 But maybe I will opt for that in the cooler months then. 🙂


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