Welcoming the Pasta Maker Back

I haven’t made pasta in a while. After a disastrous attempt in Manila, I said never again will I want to make pasta. But I did end up wanting. Especially for the fact that I had my pasta maker sent to the US even before I set foot here for my move.

I decided to make some ravioli (this is the sole existence of my pasta maker, for ravioli) with random fillings that I can scrounge up in the fridge. Meatballs, cheese, spinach. I ended up making two kinds because I had more than enough filling.

IMG_20170613_161349The kneading and rolling out of the dough is as comforting as it has always been. And surprisingly, the raviolis turned out great, and it wasn’t that hard to make (maybe because I didn’t attempt to feed 10 people all at the same time). One thing I noticed was, the fresh ravioli felt like the pasta was too thin. But when we had it (from frozen leftovers), it had just the right bite.

IMG_20170613_165014I need to plan this accordingly, or just keep freezing them for later use, but it was amazing that it put back my confidence in making raviolis. I just need some semolina though 🙂

Leftover noodles

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